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A Little Introduction...

I began playing the violin at the spirited age of four years and through hard work, determination, and the support and patience from my mother, began to foster a love for music. I have a Bachelor’s of Art degree from Graceland University and a Masters in Arts in Performance from the University of Iowa. Growing up, I participated in various competitions and attended music festivals in high school. In college, I had won scholarship auditions as well as holding concert master and primary section chairs while participating in various orchestras in my undergraduate and graduate career. I’ve been very fortunate to have played in several master classes with other professional musicians and groups; some notably being the JACK quartet, Linden Quartet, Cavani Quartet, Turtle Island String Quartet, renowned Bulgarian violinist Yossif Radionav, and others. 


Though violin is the main part of my musical life, through time I began to add viola and saxophone to my repertoire of instruments. The saxophone provided a unique opportunity to express my love for jazz. Through high school and undergrad, I held first chair tenor, received outstanding soloist awards competing at different festivals and state competitions for jazz band, and leading a small jazz combo playing for various functions and entertainment. The viola also provided a unique opportunity in opening the door for me into another love of mine: the world of chamber music. It was by first learning the viola that I began playing simple string quartets in junior high to eventually playing college-level repertoire at the end of my high school career. While attending college, my chamber experience expanded into playing music outside the standard string quartets and more into works mixing in other instruments such as piano and woodwinds. I hold this experience very valuable by learning these wonderful instruments because my growth as a musician and understanding of music would not be as great.

Regardless of what success I have gained or how good a player I have become, the gift of music and its ability in touching peoples’ lives is the reason I do what I do. It is what drives me to strive in being a better teacher, performer, and overall musician. My hope and desire is that I may give back to my students and every listener something they themselves can share with others.

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